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The book of Revelation is filled with mysterious signs, strange beasts, and confusing numbers, but what does it all mean? Are the prophecies of Revelation something we can understand today? Do current world events point to a new world order? And are we on the verge of Armageddon? Discover the truth and hope that can be found once you understand this often misunderstood book of the Bible.

Matthew Axford

Before becoming a pastor, Matthew Axford spent 4 1/2 years serving his country as a soldier in the United States Army. After a very difficult 12-month deployment to Afghanistan, he returned home only to face many of the struggles that are all-too-common for combat veterans, including post-traumatic stress, depression, and substance abuse. In the midst of his post-deployment struggles, Matthew was desperate for a way out and was miraculously led to search the Bible for answers. Thus began a journey that has transformed his life and enabled him to break free from the brokenness and addictions of his past. Now a pastor of two churches in North Central Washington, Pastor Axford is passionate about preaching the Word of God and wants you to know that the same power that transformed his life from one defined by darkness to one empowered by the light of God is available to you as well. Please join us as he leads out in this exciting series!

What People are Saying…

“I was desperately searching for peace. I knew the answers lay in the Bible, but I never read it. When I went to this seminar, it felt like an anvil was lifted off my back. It made a big difference in my heart.” —Jim
“This seminar answered all my questions, plus more questions I didn’t even know I had. I have hope now, because I know the end of the story.” —Cecille
“A very professional presentation. This seminar took ancient biblical truth and made it relevant for my life today. Jesus is more real to me as a result.” —Steve

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